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Richmond, VA Solid Wood Doors

Cabinet doors can be your kitchen's most obvious feature.

So, why not take advantage of a diverse availability of expressions in style and color, stain and
grain to express what lies within - and without. There are 3 door types to choose from.

Have your home stand out on the block with a new door.

Solid Woods

  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Alder
  • Oak
  • Hickory

Stain Colors

  • Clear finish
  • Medium walnut
  • Dark red
  • Glaze
  • Paint
  • Manufactured baked-on lacquer

Richmond, VA - Brite Kitchen Refacing - Solid Wood Doors
Create the entrance to the soul of your home and its interior with doors from Brite Kitchen Refacing
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Brite Kitchen Refacing

Are you looking for a certain look with your cabinets?

With a variety of mitered designs – you can make sure you will have the complete look in your kitchen. Although the cabinet industry has changed in a lot of ways – more options are always a good thing to have.

Pay attention to the details

When you want everything to be just perfect – don’t forget the details. While most pay attention to the knobs or style of pulls – you want to make sure that the knobs and pulls work with the mitered design.

Pull everything together with mitered doors

  • A variety to choose from
  • In-set moldings available

Get the best looking cabinets for your kitchen. Who knows – maybe you’ll want to spend more time cooking in it!

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You get total customer satisfaction and top-quality service from Brite Kitchen Refacing – it's what we believe in! We have served the Richmond, VA area (RVA) since 2001. You can count on, and trust, this family owned and operated company for years to come.